Aquatic Centers

Sparano + Mooney Architecture has successfully completed a wide range of public swimming pool commissions including aquatic centers, new and renovated pool projects, bathhouse designs and recreational and community centers. The team's experience in working with diverse user groups leads to community-based design solutions embraced by all.  Sparano + Mooney collaborates with the nation's leading team of aquatic consultants who bring over 25 years of experience. Together we have designed and engineered state-of-the-art pool facilities of extraordinary quality by providing the best in commercial pool design, engineering and project management services.  Sparano + Mooney Architecture was awarded the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Institute of Architect's Cultural Affairs Commission Design Award for Excellence in Civic Architecture for the Costello Park Swimming Pool and Bathhouse.  The firm has also been recognized with awards from the County of Los Angeles for the George W. Carver Park Pool, Mona Park Pool and Bathhouse and Campanella Park Pool and Bathhouse for service to the community and benefiting the public through great design.  Sparano + Mooney aquatic facilities include: 109th Street Pool and Bathhouse, the  Arcadia Community Park Pool and Bathhouse,  Castaic Sports Complex and Aquatic Center, the Lou Costello Pool and Bathhouse,  Everett Martin Park Aquatic Center,  George W. Carver Park Pool, the Lanark Park Pool and Bathhouse,  Mona Park Pool and Bathhouse and Roy Campanella Pool and Bathhouse.