3 Reasons Architecture Is More than a Construction Process

There is no shortage of contemporary architecture in Utah. For example, the famous John Sugden houses in Salt Lake City and Park City are some of the finest examples of modern residential architecture in the state. Even our very own green Maryfield home, which is the first LEED-certified home (LEED Silver) in Utah, is further solidifying the Beehive State as one of the most important places to be if you are interested in modern design. So why is it so difficult to convince the general public that contemporary architecture can be both beautiful and environmentally and structurally sound?

We are fully convinced that architecture is more than just another construction process. It is an art form by which talented artists - architects can incorporate function, form and beauty into a single package for either residential or commercial purposes. You might even say that architecture is a lot like the human body inasmuch as there are external parts you do not see covered by the beautiful exterior you do see. When done right, the resulting structure is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound.

We do what we do because we believe in contemporary architecture. Utah seems to agree with us.

Still not convinced?

Then we offer you these three reasons architecture is more than just another process of building:

1. Every Structure Tells a Story

Smithsonian photographer Carolyn Russo recently published a book journaling some of her favorite architectural structures in the world. While this brief description of her book may evoke images of grand office buildings or ultramodern sports or performing arts complexes, Russo's subjects are completely unexpected. She photographed her favorite air traffic control towers from around the world.

Why such an odd topic? Russo cited several reasons, among them being her belief that every structure tells a story. Whether that story relates to how it was built, how it may have been used in the past, or even what it takes to gain access to it in the modern era, the stories are what make architectural structures so intriguing. Often it is the designs themselves to create the stories.

2. Buildings are Interactive

Every building structure on the planet is interactive. Buildings are interactive not merely in the sense that people occupy them and put them to specific uses. They are also interactive in the thoughts and emotions they evoke. For example, you probably still have very fond memories of the childhood home you grew up in. Whether you are talking about contemporary architecture in Utah or a centuries-old traditional design in Massachusetts, the perceptions one has of the buildings he or she interacts with shape the memories of the future.

3. Architecture Is Public Art

The perception of architecture as art has really grown and expanded since World War II. Where prewar buildings were mostly function and little else, postwar architects were given the freedom to move beyond functionality and into the realm of visual beauty. Today, architecture is a public art form of sorts that creates beautiful works that everyone can enjoy. From houses to office buildings to industrial complexes, we can all appreciate the art that is architecture every single day.

Sparano + Mooney Architecture is thrilled to be part of a group of designers creating some of the finest contemporary architecture in Utah. We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant fabric of our state through designs that capture the imagination, tell a story, and even make a statement from time to time. We believe architecture is more than just another building process; it is an opportunity to create something truly worthy of a legacy.


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