Commonwealth: Photomural Project Features Sparano + Mooney Team

No, you’re not seeing double and yes, our team member architects Anne Mooney, John Sparano and Seth Striefel are indeed larger than life! At least, in the Arts Council’s photomural public art project, where oversize photographs of the architects, along with 50 additional creatives and artisans who live and work in the community, have been affixed to the exterior of local businesses. 

In planning the new Downtown, the City wanted to highlight the revitalized arts district and showcase the area’s unique talent. “We have been blown away by the creative talent and innovative thinkers already here”, said Arts Council Coordinator Lesly Allen. “Sparano + Mooney Architecture is a key element to what we want our downtown to be”. Lesly also noted this architectural firm’s ability to take gritty, industrial-feeling spaces and create welcoming environments in which you’d want to spend time.

The mural project, a creative place-making initiative and community identity program, was inspired by the East High School project titled Inside Out, which involved photography being posted on building exteriors to bring awareness to wider social justice conversations. Like the Inside Out project, the Commonwealth: Inside South Salt Lake photomurals are made from a unique material: wheat paste. This non-toxic solution is easily removed with power washing and is designed not to impact masonry facades or walls. In fact, Sparano + Mooney Architecture was proud to offer the east wall of its building to the exhibition – our wall featured images of other Utah creative professionals Aruna (a Bookworm), Clyde (a Guitarist) and Casey (a Photographer).

The photographs of Anne and John were located on the south facade of Shades of Pale Brewing, and the image of Seth was located on the exterior of The Tree Broker. It was a wonderful project and we were thrilled to help support the fantastic work being done by our local Arts Council.

Photo Credit: Lars Call