Hot off the Press! The Salt Lake Cultural Core Action Plan is Approved and in Print

We are excited to announce that the Salt Lake Cultural Core Action Plan has been unanimously adopted by both Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, and that the Plan is being printed for posterity as this post goes live! Sparano + Mooney Architecture is honored to have been integral to the development of this master planning initiative, which seeks to make our downtown an even more dynamic and celebrated place to live, work and create.

Image Courtesy of BWP

Our firm worked with a national consulting team, including the Cultural Planning Group, BWP Communications, Nancy Boskoff, Soren Simonsen, Surale Phillips, and Holly Yocum and Lia Summers of Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City, respectively, and was well as stakeholders and members of our thriving creative community, to realize this important catalyst for long-term development in the "Core" - an area stretching from North Temple to 400 South and from 600 West to 400 East. This area is identifiable as the heart of the city’s happenings, and the master plan intends to heighten civic pride in our downtown community and its offerings. Luckily for residents, both the City and County have officially recognized the importance of having a vibrant, identifiable and distinct arts and cultural center to enhance quality of life and economic viability. Our team of architects led the placemaking, urban design and public art planning effort to infuse the City with great design experiences at multiple scales, for diverse local and out-of-state visitors alike to enjoy.  

We would like to thank our colleagues, local architects, urban designers and practitioners and focus groups for helping to make the Salt Lake Cultural Core Action Plan a success and a reality. Let's continue to work together to promote our city as the arts and cultural hub that it is, and to support the creative communities that call Salt Lake City their home. And of course, please get in touch with us if you have an arts, culture, or master planning project that you'd like us to help you with, in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, the American West or beyond!