Sparano + Mooney Architects LOVES Central Ninth

Residential architecture in Salt Lake City is both intriguing and exciting at the same time. The city has a lot of great neighborhoods that, through the course of time and gentrification, have become a great place for us to live and work within. One example is the Central Ninth neighborhood close to the center of the city. We have had opportunities to work in this eclectic urban zone, including a recent project for which we designed a mixed-use housing project that combines the best in urban living with an inviting retail and public space.

We appreciate the opportunity to work on mixed-use projects such as this one because we know how important they are to metropolitan Salt Lake City. As a city with a strong and vibrant population of young professionals, Salt Lake City is one of the best places to live and work in the American West.  Our urban zones that are being developed like the Central Ninth are a big part of that. Having an opportunity to contribute to urban zone developments has been an exciting challenge for Sparano + Mooney Architecture and one that we are happy to participate in as we create design solutions for these districts.

Our Mixed-Use Project

Our most recent contribution to the Central Ninth is for a fantastic site located just across from the TRAX station at 200 West. We designed the architecture and landscape around the concept of vibrant neighborhood living where people get to know one another and spend time socializing over a drink or a meal.  Our design called for a mixed-use property combining quality housing units with a restaurant and retail space, tied together with public art and modern architecture. We designed a building that would be welcoming to both residents and visitors alike.

The building’s exterior is every bit modern architecture without compromise and fits within the overall atmosphere of the Central Ninth neighborhood. Our design proposal was one that fits in nicely with the neighborhood yet definitely attracts the eye as you travel down 200 West, on Trax, bicycle, car or on foot. On the first floor is residential and restaurant space, complete with integrated outdoor seating that creates a welcoming public space that invites social interaction.

Between buildings is a courtyard designed to be utilized by residents. It is an area with plenty of sunshine and ample green space with adjacent access to residential flex space where residents can entertain larger parties with a fully equipped kitchen and indoor and outdoor seating.  We anticipate the open courtyard to be a place where residents meet and establish new friendships.

The Central Ninth Neighborhood

Each of the city's individual neighborhoods has its own style of residential architecture. In Salt Lake City, however, it's increasingly all about community living. From quaint, tree-lined boulevards to busy urban streets, people in the city want to feel connected with one another. That is what the revitalized Central Ninth is all about, too.

The neighborhood has an increasingly dense population of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and other places residents love to gather. On any given night you'll see people meeting after work to enjoy one another's company – outdoors when the weather is nice, indoors at other times. On the weekends, the streets of the Central Ninth come alive with activity.

The team at Sparano + Mooney Architecture had to really get to know the Central Ninth neighborhood in order to design a mixed-use project that would fit right in. It was a pleasure doing so. Some of our team lives there and the rest of us had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people, see the neighborhood for ourselves, and really get a feel for the vibe of the area. We believe our design project reflects that.

Residential architecture in Salt Lake City is just one of the many facets that make this city what it is and Sparano + Mooney Architecture is proud to be part of it.