Sparano + Mooney Architecture to Address the University of Utah

The University of Utah is a world-class research institution with a reputation for promoting sustainable design. In 2011, the University was ranked third among all similar institutions in the country for green power consumption by the EPA. As a pioneer of sustainable design in Salt Lake City ourselves, we understand the University of Utah's commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. It is with that in mind we are proud to announce that our very own Anne Mooney will be addressing students at the University as part of the 2016 School of Architecture Lecture Series.

Anne's presentation will take place on Friday, February 26 at 4 PM. She will be joining two other important architectural voices in addressing students at the College of Architecture and Planning during the three-lecture series of 2016.

Training Architects of the Future

We are thrilled that our architectural firm can play a role in helping to train the architects of the future. Regardless of what Anne intends to present – and she has not let us in on the details as yet – we know it will be important to the students fortunate enough to participate. Anne is a leader in contemporary and sustainable design in SLC, representing our firm's commitment to protecting the future by designing sustainable and environmentally friendly structures today.

Tomorrow's architects will undoubtedly face challenges that we could never have conceived of. But they will also have access to new technologies and methodologies at their disposal. We fully expect to see the eventual graduates of the university's College of Architecture and Planning to go on to do great things within the discipline of architecture. They are the ones who will be creating the cutting edge structures that will define the landscape for decades to come. They will figure out great ways to incorporate sustainable technologies into awe-inspiring visual designs. We are fortunate that Sparano + Mooney Architecture can be part of this by addressing students and the architectural community this year.

Sustainability Matters in Architecture

Sustainability has not always been an important element of architectural design. In days gone by, visual appeal was among the most important factors in designing new structures of all kinds. But with the Industrial Revolution came the need for natural resources we needed to power machinery, heavy equipment, and even the vehicles that transported us from place to place. Energy was also incorporated into buildings by way of electric service, heating and cooling, indoor plumbing, and so on.

We now find ourselves in a place where our modern technology requires tremendous amounts of energy to function. It is no longer just about turning on the lights or providing heat when the weather turns cold. Our energy needs are so much greater in a day and age where global communications and high-speed data networking are the backbone of most of what we do. And that is one of the reasons attention to sustainability matters so much.

There is little hope that we will consume less energy in the future. If nature takes its course, and she always does, our need for energy will only continue to expand as society itself grows. And sooner or later, that growth will lead to an exhaustion of the energy resources we now use. Sustainability is the only way to ensure that our future will remain bright even in the midst of this increased energy consumption.

Sustainable design in SLC is all about making the best use of every available energy resource. It is about efficiency, conservation, and finding new ways of doing things that do not require as much energy. We are thrilled to be part of it.