The Los Angeles Design Festival: Celebrating L.A.'s Design Culture

It's that time of year Angelenos! The Los Angeles Design Festival kicks off this week, and will take place from June 8 - June 11 across the metropolis. Honoring L.A's status as a global design capital, the festival celebrates the city's rich design culture, with a purposefully broad definition of the term "design" in order to reflect L.A.'s diverse and exceptional talent. 

An opening night party and fundraiser will take place at City Market South, with additional scheduled events including: New California Craft, a design show curated by Happy Mundane championing a rediscovery of traditional craft techniques with a fresh, modern vision by artists and makers in California; Jig+Saw, a tour of the new creative community space for entrepreneurial women that provides business resources in a safe, welcoming environment in the Historic District; Atmosphere Pop-Up, a concept space event showcasing a collaboration of artists and designers inspired by the natural world and holistic approaches to design and wellness - activities include live painting session, soundbath and tea ceremony; and a tour of SCI-Arc (the alma mater of our own architect Anne Mooney!), the quarter-mile-long campus that houses a state-of-the-art laboratory for architectural experimentation.

"White Sail Pot" by Tracy Wilkinson at the Los Angeles Design Festival's New California Craft exhibition

The list of events is expansive, and as modern Los Angeles architects and designers, we are so excited to take part in this annual showcase of the city's best and brightest! Do you plan to attend the Los Angeles Design Festival? Let us know where and when and we hope to see you there to discuss art, architecture, design and culture brewing in L.A.!