Emigration Creek REsidence

Located along the Wasatch Fault in Salt Lake City, this home explores the relationship between the natural and the man made.  Existing site conditions oriented the home along an axis that was derived using existing site conditions including vegetation, sound and light.  The Wasatch Fault line is projected onto the home creating a 30” shift, elevating the private spaces of the home above the site and mirroring the shape of the fault below.  The shift occurs at the mullion of 14’ tall structural glazed windows that are echoed on the North and South sides of the home.

Located adjacent to Emigration Creek, the home opens up to the East to embrace an auditory connection with the natural and careful sun studies established the use of vertical and horizontal sun shading for maximum seasonal efficiency.

The project incorporates the use of durable low maintenance materials including a vertical board form concrete base that has been meticulously modulated and detailed to align with the wood rain screen cladding above.This home incorporates a R-38 wall system, high performance windows, a ground source heat pump system for radiant heating and cooling, and is designed to include a roof mounted solar PV array.