saint marguerite education center

The Saint Marguerite Education Center is a 17,800 SF educational facility for a private elementary school community serving preschool through 8th grade children.  This project began as a collaborative planning effort with the architectural team and the school and parish community to determine what improvements could be made to the school, which was meeting in an existing church building.  The program developed into a two-phase plan that would include twelve classrooms, a library, a state of the art science laboratory, conference rooms, and administration and faculty work rooms. Flexible multi-use spaces were designed to accommodate a variety of community events and meetings including religious education and ESL classes. 

The design was driven by the idea of creating a sanctuary for a child’s physical and spiritual education and development, to complement the rigorous and at times monotonous daily school routine.  The architecture serves to create moments of pause in the daily life of a student with views through large apertures focused on the sky, landscape, and mountains beyond.  The classrooms on the east side of the building are divided by a moveable wall which opens to create a large space for community meetings and school events.  A 60 FT wide glazed wall provides a dramatic mountain view and a connection to nature.  Site features include a sloped landscape gathering area, play areas and a courtyard between the new and existing building which serves as a gathering place for the neighborhood community.