utah state university design center feasibility study

This pre-programming and feasibility study explores the idea of developing a multi-disciplinary and multi-departmental Design Center for Utah State University. This new building would primarily serve programs currently housed within the Caine College of the Arts (CCA) and the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), and is anticipated to be approximately 166,000 GASF in scale. This proposed building would be located within the main campus of USU, and a variety of sites on campus were analyzed to determine a preferred location.  A preliminary program was outlined to accommodate the needs of the proposed building user groups and to determine the overall scale and scope of the project required to meet the needs of the building user groups. 

The proposed building program includes a variety of teaching and learning spaces including classrooms, studios, workshops, and laboratories.  There would also be spaces for student study areas, collaborative spaces for students and faculty, and display and demonstration areas.  The program also includes commercial and retail space. This proposed building would bring together design disciplines from different colleges in a single building, providing a unique collaborative environment. The various disciplines could realize efficiencies through sharing ideas, resources and space.  This USU Design Center represents a new building typology; therefore, the precedent research has focused on campus buildings of a similar size and scale with innovative teaching, learning and collaborative spaces shared by diverse occupants.