utah state university design center feasibility study

This pre-programming and feasibility study explores the idea of developing a multi-disciplinary and multi-departmental Design Center for Utah State University. This new building would primarily serve programs currently housed within the Caine College of the Arts (CCA) and the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).  The five story, 166,000 square foot building would be located at the east side of the USU campus, across the street from the Fine Arts Center. 

The proposed building program includes a variety of teaching and learning spaces including classrooms, studios, workshops, and laboratories.  In addition, the program includes a large maker space, student study areas, collaborative spaces for students and faculty, display and demonstration areas, administrative and faculty offices, and retail space. This proposed building would bring together design disciplines from different colleges in a single building, providing a unique collaborative environment, and the realization of efficiencies through sharing resources and space.