Alta Commercial Core

The Commercial Core Plan for the Town of Alta is a study intended to clarify and establish an identifiable town center in this alpine environment. Alta is situated within the Wasatch Mountain Range at an elevation of 9,000 feet and is one of the highest elevations of any town in the United States.  The pristine mountain setting is known as a summer hiking destination and internationally renowned as a ski destination, with the town receiving an annual average of over 500 inches of snow.  The site for this resort project is located along a portion of the SR-210 Highway that wanders through the center of the town linking the ski resorts, lodges, and residential and commercial areas.  Much of this portion of the roadway is undeveloped as the slopes above are subject to high avalanche and rock-fall risk. The architectural form and site layout were developed as a response to this risk. The prime consultant was Landmark Design with architectural design by Sparano + Mooney Architecture and renderings by Sparano + Mooney Architecture and Bowen Studio.