Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at Sparano + Mooney Architecture!  Here are 10 simple life changes we can do to help reduce emissions, promote healthier environments and lives in 2016. 

1) Eat less meat

You don’t have to make the commitment to become vegan to make a difference. Participate in Meatless Mondays, weekday vegetarianism or even choose veggies over meat simply once a week.

2) Don’t buy plastic water bottles, bring your reusable one from home.

The reasons to avoid disposable plastic water bottles are endless. Not only do they take hundreds of years to decompose, but also they release toxins in the process, which are harmful to the Earth and you. Bottled water is also less regulated than tap water, and it costs exponentially more.

3) Take public transportation/participate in active transportation.

If you can’t use public transit daily, try taking it a few times a week. Or, if you’re looking for a way to burn some calories, enjoy the outdoors riding a bike or walking and emit fewer greenhouse gasses.

4) Eat local products.

Local products use fewer fossil fuels to get to you, promote food safety and support the local economy

5) Divert your trash from landfills by composting your food and recycling.

6) Make your home more sustainable and get an energy audit.

7) Skip the plastic bag and bring your own.

Plastic bags never fully decompose; keep bags out of landfills by having a reusable one.

8) Eliminate phantom power.

Most electronic devices continue to use electricity when plugged in, even after they have been powered down. By unplugging chargers, small appliances and household electronics, you can save on your power bill and cut down your carbon footprint.

9) Bring utensils instead of using plastic disposable ones.

Say no to plastic utensils. From producer to consumer, the journey of one plastic spoon is a long one and uses many resources along the way. Cut down on this unnecessary waste by bringing your own utensils.

10) Unsubscribe from junk mail and cut the paper waste.

By putting your name on no-mail lists, you help eliminate unwanted paper waste.


Source: "Ten Simple Sustainable New Years Resolutions"
By Eva Grimmer, UofU Sustainability Office