This contemporary art museum was designed by Sparano + Mooney Architecture as part of an international design competition to create an expansion strategy for the QMA and establish a modern global image for the museum. The Sparano Mooney Architecture solution offers a new arena of art experience for visitors and builds upon the existing network of Queens’ cultural institutions. The design diminishes [perceived + actual] barriers to the museum by folding the surrounding park landscape seamlessly into the museum with a rooftop public plaza. Permanent collections are housed along with new media and emerging art exhibits in the gallery space. Dis-similar art works are juxtaposed and the lines of production and exhibition of art are blurred as artists set up temporary studios within the museum and interact with the public as they work. Spaces for patrons to experience contemporary art, performance and visual art are all provided. An outdoor amphitheater, lecture hall and cafe remain operable even when the museum is closed, creating a destination for visitors with a variety of cultural activity animating the site at night. The contemporary design provides a venue for non-traditional art forms, lending cultural legitimacy and welcoming their audiences as active participants in the museum.